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The drawings of Peter Brandt.
Send me a photo and I will draw it for you.

Hello Followers

Well, it’s been a long journey.Often it’s been two steps forward one step back; but now I’ve finally crossed the 500 Followers line.

So Welcome All. Let it be known, to you and your friends,

I Take Requests.

Whether it be friends, relatives, celebrities, pets, cars, or interesting little shiny things, I am here to draw them for you. Make a suggestion, or send me a photo.

Here are some not-so-vital-statistics about this Tumblr:

Posts: 1731. Except for about a dozen, each one a drawing or photo by me.

Followers: 501. I’ve lost approximately 97, but who’s counting.

I am following: 9 other blogs. You know who you are; do you feel special now?

My avatar: Yes, that’s me, with my daughter Elizabeth. That there is a picture of me at all is entirely a result of my wife messing around with things.

Also, I have a website: www.peterbrandt.com.au

Many Thanks.